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Mason Brothers Honey FAQ

Do you have a buzzing question on honey or you're not sure which honey is right for you?

Who are The Mason Brothers?

Mason Brothers' Honey was founded by Daniel and Matthew Mason (the brothers!) who are passionate about bees and the outdoors. "We have been beekeeping since 2009, growing our hives organically and focusing on sustainable practices to support the wellbeing of bees, people and the planet.

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What makes Mason Brothers' Manuka honey unique?

Mason Brothers' Manuka honey is premium New Zealand Manuka Honey, award-winning honey, harvested and packaged in New Zealand. It is independently tested and certified to ensure the highest quality, containing unique compounds that support your health and wellbeing.

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How do you ensure the quality of your honey?

Our honey is harvested, tested, and packaged in New Zealand in our Asure Quality certified RMP honey storage facility. This rigorous process guarantees that every jar of honey meets our high standards of purity and quality.

How do you support sustainable beekeeping?

We are committed to sustainable beekeeping practices, ensuring the health and wellbeing of our bees. Our methods include ethical treatment of bees, and environmentally friendly production processes.

What is MGO in Manuka Honey?

MGO, or methylglyoxal, is the unique compound in Manuka honey that gives it special properties. The higher the MGO number, the higher the concentration of this compound. For example, MGO 514+ indicates 514 mg of MGO per kg of honey.

MGO 514+ Mānuka Honey

What are the health benefits of Manuka honey?

The benefits of Manuka honey are vast. Customers report improvements in digestion, throat and mouth health, and skin conditions such as reduced swelling and redness. For skin applications, we recommend using Manuka honey with at least an MGO content of 500+. Enjoy it as a DIY face mask, a drizzle over breakfast, or straight from the spoon for a delicious daily boost.

MGO 829+ Mānuka Honey

How is Mānuka honey tested for authenticity?

Mānuka honey undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its authenticity and purity. The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) in New Zealand developed the first global standard for Mānuka honey in early 2018. This standard involves testing for four main chemical markers and one DNA component to confirm the honey's authenticity.

What types of honey do you offer?

In addition to Manuka honey, we offer a variety of New Zealand honeys including clover honey, bush honey, and more. All our honeys are produced with the bees, people, and planet in mind, ensuring they are pure, raw, and natural.

Do you offer products other than honey?

Yes, we also offer beeswax products, including beeswax blocks and beeswax candles. Our beeswax is 100% natural and perfect for various uses.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we offer international shipping for our honey products. Please check our shipping policy for details on rates and delivery times.

Premium New Zealand Honey

Mason Brothers' Manuka honey is premium award winning goodness with all the unique compounds to support you in what ever keeps you as busy as a bee! Harvested, Independently tested, certified and packaged in New Zealand.

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Manuka honey vs regular honey

Honey has been revered for thousands of years as a health food. In the 90's when Dr Peter Molan discovered Manuka honey contained compounds not seen in regular honey he realised its huge potential.

Mānuka honey has been shown to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria in the lab and continues to be heavily researched to this day. With anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and delicious characteristics Manuka honey is no ordinary honey.

MGO 263+ Manuka honey

Manuka honey near me

With our online store you are never far from your daily dose of the good stuff. Spend a qualifying amount and receive free shipping anywhere in New Zealand. Have traceable authentic New Zealand manuka honey delivered to your doorstep

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