matt and dan in front of hives matt and dan in front of hives

Our story

Bees, People and Planet

"Daniel and Matthew Mason found they shared a passion for bees and Aotearoa New Zealand's great outdoors. They began beekeeping with their first beehive placed in their parents backyard in December 2009."

We have grown the hive numbers slowly each season since, building hives in the winter and placing them out in the field in spring/summer, we founded the Mason Brothers' Honey business in November 2017 when we decided to go full time beekeeping. We are now caring for over 700 beehives which are spread throughout the lower north island of New Zealand. The closer the better, although the distribution of the hives allows us to source a wider variety of honey to meet different customers' preferences.

In 2021 we brought to fruition a goal we had been working on for some time, an onsite Asure Quality certified RMP honey storage and packing facility at our 'Bee HQ' in Palmerston North. This export certified facility will allow us to share our products with customers worldwide and continue sharing the goodness of New Zealand's finest honeys with people from all walks of life.

We are members of local Manawatu beekeeping clubs which we contribute regularly to. We enjoying sharing stories about different phenomenons seen in hives season to season. Beekeepers are an interesting bunch, ask 3 beekeepers the same question, get 4 different answers! In 2018 and 2019 Matthew and Daniel spent time at one of the larger beekeeping companies in Germany, 'Imkerei in Worin' This has furthered our knowledge and appreciation of the buzzy creatures which are so important to human life on earth. 

"We hope you will enjoy our honey products as much as we enjoy producing them!"

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Honey direct from the beekeeper
Keeping with the bees in mind
Buzzing with goodness
Honey direct from the beekeeper
Keeping with the bees in mind
Buzzing with goodness
Honey direct from the beekeeper
Keeping with the bees in mind
Buzzing with goodness
rustic beehives

Our first hives

Four hives in our parents backyard mostly made from old pallets and scrap tin, (the bees didn't mind!) growing the numbers organically as we could afford materials we soon had a part-time job on our hands.

jars of honey

First jars of liquid gold

The first extraction in our parents kitchen was a sweet but sticky success, the raw, straight from the hive quality was very popular among our friends and family!

mason brothers selling honey at a farmers market

Saturday morning markets

We began sharing our passion for bees and honey with the community around 12 years ago through a local Palmerston North market. We're still there every Saturday morning to this day!

Supporting small business

We're a passionate bunch of bee lovers here at Mason Bros and we're working hard to produce the finest New Zealand honey.

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