mason brothers honey on the new world shelf

Honey Near Me

You can find our honey on the shelves of these great stores, we are always looking out for new places to stock our honey, both nationally and internationally. Get in touch if you know a place or would like to learn more about our wholesale prices and terms.


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New Zealand

If your local grocer doesn't stock our honey send them our way by suggesting us via New World product suggestions

New World Melody's,  Organic Buzz,  Bin Inn Palmerston NorthBin Inn Fielding ,  Live2Give,  Four Square Awapuni,  The Herb Farm Cafe,  The Farmbox,  St Johns Hill Honey-Whanganui

You can also enjoy the flavours of our honey in smoothies and cooking at some Palmerston North cafes and restaurants

-The Bees Knees cafe

-The Elm cafe 

-Chada Thai


Looking to stock premium New Zealand Honey?

We offer a range of sizes and options