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Do you have a buzzing question on honey or you're not sure which honey is right for you?


Premium New Zealand Honey

Mason Brothers' Manuka honey is premium award winning goodness with all the unique compounds to support you in what ever keeps you as busy as a bee! Harvested, Independently tested, certified and packaged in New Zealand.

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Benefits of Manuka honey

The benefits of Manuka honey can be vast. Many customer reviews report that people experience stomach / digestion support, throat and mouth benefits and skin results such as reduced swelling or redness. For skin application we recommend using a Manuka honey with at least an MGO content of 500+

Use as a DIY face mask or drizzle over your morning breakfast. Straight from the spoon is also a delicious way to boost yourself for the day.

MGO 829+ Manuka honey

Manuka Honey mgo

MGO or methylglyoxal is the unique manuka compound that give Manuka Honey its special properties. The higher the MGO number the higher the concentration of this compound. Its measured in mg/kg so MGO 514+ would have 514 mg per kg of honey.

MGO 514+ Manuka honey

Manuka honey vs regular honey

Honey has been revered for thousands of years as a health food. In the 90's when Dr Peter Molan discovered Manuka honey contained compounds not seen in regular honey he realised its huge potential.

Mānuka honey has been shown to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria in the lab and continues to be heavily researched to this day. With anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and delicious characteristics Manuka honey is no ordinary honey.

MGO 263+ Manuka honey

Manuka honey near me

With our online store you are never far from your daily dose of the good stuff. Spend over $35.00 and receive free shipping anywhere n New Zealand. Have traceable authentic manuka honey delivered to your doorstep

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